Sunday, November 11, 2012


Woman's body was present at the very origins of art as a symbol of fecundity and with shapes of nature as landscape.   To the first artists, men confused and inspired by woman's mystery, her body became an inspiring object because it suggested more than it seemed.  As T. W. Adorno put it: "Artworks become artworks in the production of this more."  The magazine Treats! launched in February 2011, offers multiple poses of the nude body that suggest: shy temptation, raucous display, private contemplation, confident indifference.  With a nostalgic attraction for previous decades, the magazine's paper seems sepia-tinted by age; here is one of the most original of the new-style magazines that deliberately expands boundaries.  Thumbing through these pages the reader is challenged by a wave of appropriate/out-of-place aesthetic values: contour; texture; color; part and whole; enclosed photographed objects questioning their relationship to reality. 

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