Friday, December 2, 2011

Why can't my dye house produce the Pantone colors I need?

Monique [on the right] and friends

A few days ago Monique, a designer in Los Angeles, came into the bookstore saying: "she bought from me the Pantone book of colors for home and fashion but the dye house she uses doesn't produce the exact Pantone colors.  Why?"  Not being sure of the answer, I wrote to my friend at Pantone in New Jersey and asked him what should Monique do?  Here is his answer:

"Tell her that on the back of every swatch card there is a URL for This is a joint website of Pantone and the
dye stuffs manufacturer, Clariant. As long as she purchases a swatch card
and has the UPC code on the back, she will be able to access the formula
we use to achieve this color. This information will help even if she does
not use Clariant dyes.
If this doesn't help, please forward my contact information to her and I
will assist her directly.

Hope this helps.

What did she do?  Changed dye-houses.

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